Merlin – Tragic love, noogies, and dramatic chipmunks (Originally for Clique Clack Television, Co-Written with Ruby T.)

You don’t have to be a knight to rescue a damsel in distress. This time the grand romance belonged to Merlin, not Arthur, as our favorite once and future wizard came to the aid of Freya, “The Lady of the Lake.” Julia and I loved seeing Merlin in love.

Ruby: It was a dark and stormy night… and then Merlin locked eyes with Freya. That was the first of many breathtaking moments between Colin Morgan and Laura Donnelly in this episode.

Julia: Oh, Merlin, stricken with the systemic need all teenage boys have to play knight in shining armor to a pretty girl. Him! Not Arthur! He’s the hero! No wonder he gets so smit.

Ruby: His whole life is about rescuing/protecting/taking care of people, so Freya’s perfect for him because she needs him. She’s very hurt, and he’s the type who will take home an injured bird and bandage its wing.

Julia: And she is someone he can talk magic with! Poor Merlin. He’s so alone and sad and all he wants is someone who he can be himself with, so he falls for the first person he can. The first time I watched this I had a huge problem believing that Merlin, whose entire world revolves around Arthur, would leave him for a pretty girl. And then I remembered … Merlin’s a teenaged boy, and she’s a pretty girl who understands his magic, and suddenly it makes a lot more sense. God, this show gets teenage anguish uncomfortably well.

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