Merlin – There’s got to be a fart joke we haven’t used yet, somewhere (Originally for Clique Clack Television, Co-Written with Ruby T.)

How do I summarize this episode? How do I even begin? There was a troll, and she was kind of gross, and then there was some sort of convoluted and contrived plot that involved Arthur fainting and fighting and Uther crying and… oh, maybe Ruby and I should break it down for you.

Ruby: I love Sarah Parish’s troll laugh.

Julia: I love everything about her – her comic timing, the way she alters her voice…. The woman’s a genius. I’m just sad that she went out with a fart and we’ll never be able to have her come back.

Ruby: Poor Uther! Attempting to give his wife a night to remember and rebuffed with a gust of breath so foul that it was green, followed up by a massive fart. The ten-year-old in me went, “Awesome!” I hope no newbies tuned in expecting Thomas Mallory material because Le Morte D’Arthur this is not.

Julia: Pffft. Look, I’m an Arthurian nerd with the best of them, but you can’t be a slave to what’s considered to be “canonical” in Arthurian literature, especially since it was all written after the fact, King Arthur might not have even existed, and Arthurian literature can’t even agree with itself.

Plus, I don’t care how nerdy you are — farting and poop is awesome.

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