Merlin – King Uther and a troll, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g (Originally for Clique Clack Television, Co-written with Ruby T.)

Merlin’s first two-parter, “Beauty and the Beast,” is one of my favorites from Season 2, simply because King Uther “Stick-up-his-butt” Pendragon finally got taken down a notch after falling head over heels for a troll. Julia got a kick out of the episode too. So here we go – the Merlin dialogues, week five.

Julia: This entire episode is pretty much perfectly built around what I like to call “The Jenny McCarthy Principle,” which is: Seeing a beautiful woman do disgusting things is AWESOME (also known as the “Something About Mary Principle”). And by revealing what I call that principle, I have just grotesquely dated myself. Right on.

Ruby: I have to say, Sarah Parish did an amazing job. She obviously put the performance before her pride. I mean, how many beautiful actresses would be willing to make themselves look that putrid and grotesque? She devoted her body, her face, her voice, everything to the part, and just reveled in the grossness of it … what a great choice for the part. Merlin brings in some fantastic guest stars.

Julia: I have to wonder what the guy who plays Catrina’s dogsbody Jonas is like in real life. He’s so convincingly un-human that I feel like there’s no way if you saw him walking down the street you wouldn’t be a little creeped out. I mean, prosthetics can only take you so far.

Ruby: I kind of like him. He’s like a little gargoyle sidekick straight out of a Disney picture. But I checked out some photos of the actor, Adam Godley, and he does indeed look creepy in real life — creepy or comical, depending on the angle. The casting director probably took one look at his ears and said, “That’s him! That’s my little toady.”

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