Merlin – A very special Princess Bride episode? As you wish… (Orginally for Clique Clack Television, Co-Written with Ruby T.)

If you engage me in a conversation on any topic for long enough, you’re going to figure out pretty fast that one of my favorite books/movies  in the universe is The Princess Bride. (It’s applicable to so many situations! Really, you never should start a land war in Asia. It  never goes well!) So naturally Merlin decided this week would be a really good week to totally pay tribute to this work of staggering genius. I mean, I don’t think they did it intentionally (I think it was supposed to foreshadow future love affairs or something? Whatever), but both Ruby and I noticed it independently, so clearly it was a shout-out to us. Right? Of course right.

Julia: So, let’s discuss the elephant — wait, that’s not an appropriate metaphor — the dragon in the room. The first thing I thought when I watched this was “Hey, it’s a Princess Bride spoof!”

Ruby: Well, the wildren are basically R.O.U.S.’s.

Julia: Maybe it’s just my insane love of rodents, but when the wildren went forward and sniffed Merlin, I wasn’t afraid at all. Actually, I sort of thought he was going to, like, lick him, and then Merlin would keep him as a pet. Or they’d take him out of the caves and Merlin would be like, “Can I keep him, Arthur? I promise to feed him and take him for walks! Oh please oh please oh please!” And Arthur would roll his eyes and be like, “Okay, fine.” And then Merlin would name him George and sic him on all of Camelot’s enemies. You know, in my fantasy world.

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