Clacking with Julia – The Evidence in the Episodes (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

As with any team, the CliqueClack writers’ team has its interpersonal dynamics.  Usually it goes like this: Ivey has an opinion, and Kona and/or I who agree on (almost) everything, will disagree with him. Later I will check everyone else’s opinion around the internet using various fan communities, blogs, twitter, etc, and find, nine out of ten times, that people have all overwhelmingly agreed with me. I will then present this as proof to Ivey, who will take it as a badge of honor that his opinion was right because he sees above the masses, and I will take it as proof that Ivey just likes being contrary because that’s what he does. And we leave it until the next disagreement. It works well for us.

This one, though, I’m not letting go. Because I don’t just kind of disagree about the staging of a number on Glee (I agree I was wrong about the Sue Sylvester storyline, Ivey! That time was the one and only time I have been wrong, but I was so totally wrong), I vehemently and violently disagree with Ivey and the, say, 20% of you who think that the ending on last Thursday’s Bones was ridiculous, or annoying, or out of character, or could have happened any other way.

Really, you guys? You were disappointed in Brennan for not falling headlong into a relationship with Booth? You thought that would be more in-character? If so, I must quote Dr. Zach Addy. I can only conclude that you are stupid.

That, or you’ve conveniently forgotten what show you’re watching.

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