Merlin – True love, epic bromance … and chicken (Originally for Clique Clack Television, Co-Written with Ruby T.)

Ah, season two, episode two. I can say with great honesty that this is my least favorite episode of Merlin (which is like me choosing my least favorite puppy out of all the puppies — it doesn’t really mean much). Ruby likes it quite a bit. I think the whole Arthur/Gwen romance is done poorly. Ruby loves it. I think Colin Morgan is magically delicious, and Ruby would prefer to, ahem, joust with Bradley James.

This is why they invented dialogue. Also, different flavors of ice cream.

Ruby: Last week, Uther didn’t want to believe that a jewel belonging to the world’s most powerful sorcerer was cursed. Then this week, Arthur tells him, “Hey, there’s this magical creature with the face of a bear, the fangs of a tiger, and the butt of a wildebeest,” and Uther goes, “Dear God! It must be sorcery!” Why is that? Is he a skeptic or not?

Julia: I think partially he’s just more willing to believe anything Arthur says, and partially, it was a pure comedy moment. Also, Uther tends, in my experience, to believe that things that are evil and mauling are magic much faster than things that are so shiny and pretty! Like jewels. Or … oh, wait, that spoils a lot of the second half of the season. Let’s just say he’s conveniently paranoid when it suits him as a plot point and leave it at that for now.

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