Clacking With Julia – I want to be in a Modern Family (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

Sometimes I kind of feel like my life is like a sub-plot in Modern Family. Like today, for example. My column was technically due Tuesday, but on Tuesday I was passed out on my couch moaning and dying of the world’s worst cold, so typing was a bit beyond my skill set. Today I came home from class and sat down to type up my column, only to find that everyone who I had ever left a phone message or e-mail for had decided it would be a really great day to get back to me. So I replied to them all, and then the high farcical  tragi-comedy really starts.

First, my best friend who  I haven’t spoken to in two weeks calls back (let’s assume for this argument that I’m, say, Mitchell trying to get some taxes done and this is Cam calling to tell him about something Lily is doing). Much like Mitchell, I can’t really say no. I mean it’s my best friend! Usually I talk to her, like, every other day!

So there goes that hour and a half. At this point, we would have cut away to Jay and Gloria arguing, or something.

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