Clacking With Julia – How NBC can unscrew itself in one simple step (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

There is a general consensus among anyone who is everyone that NBC is a dead network walking, which makes me sort of sad. I mean, call me lame, but NBC’s always been  my favorite network. I don’t know, blame it on their comedies, which I’m addicted to, or the fact that when I was little I was in love with their local weatherman, who would go grocery shopping where we would and had a big, funny mustache.

If there’s one good thing about failure, though, it’s that it gives NBC a chance to give itself a big, sexy makeover. Trim your procedural dramas — we don’t need two different Law & Orders. Get rid of that awful new marriage counselor show with Jerry Seinfeld. We don’t need more of the same old procedural and reality show boring formula. If people wanted that, the other networks have those bases covered. No, what NBC should invest in is something totally, completely new. NBC should invest in being the most innovative network basic access television has ever seen.

Right now NBC is just another dime-a-dozen network that had the misfortune of making some very bad choices. There’s no point in them trying to copy their competitors — ABC has a corner market on weepy dramas, CBS has procedurals and sitcoms, and FOX has the grab-bag of whatever’s left over. But the one thing none of these networks have is the nuts to break new ground, cable-style. Viewers are going to cable. Awards are going to cable. If no other network is going to emulate the edginess of cable, why can’t NBC?

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