Veronica Mars – CliqueClack Flashback (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

Flashback: Fall, 2005.  Zoom in on a younger version of me and you’d find someone who never watched television.

Well, not never,  but never anything on primetime. I’d watch a spare show here or there, but I wasn’t devoted to any shows. Television just wasn’t my thing. I hadn’t grown up with it and I certainly had no attachment to it then. Ironic, considering what I do now, right?

All my friends were talking about this new show, Veronica Mars. Apparently, it was the greatest secret no one was watching. It was smart, funny, sexy… everything you’d want in a show. So what the hell, I thought. I’ll tune into this show’s second season and catch up.

And that was the night my life changed forever.

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