Two Thursday night shows everyone should watch (or at least Tivo) (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

aceofcakes_duff-150x150Thursday night is a crazy night for everyone, I know. My DVR comes this close to exploding weekly with the marathon I put it through.  I watch 7 shows, which amounts to 6 hours of television in one night. It’s crazy and ridiculous and from what I hear, everyone has this predicament. And I am going to suggest you add to it.

No, not 30 Rock. You should know by now that you’re missing out big time by not watching this show, and if no one else has convinced you, I certainly won’t be able to. (But if you’re not watching, what is wrong with you?) No, I’m talking about two teeny-tiny fledgling shows no one’s watching and everyone should be — Community and Ace of Cakes.

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