The unpublished journal of Sue Sylvester (Originally for Clique Clack Television)


Dear Journal,

It’s only been one day since bringing the pregnant She-Schuester on board, and so far no dice. I’ve always been told that I need to wait for my plans to unfold, but I’ve never trusted things that fold or take a long time to happen, which is why I’ve never trusted origami. If anything, half of the members of Glee club seem, dare I say it, chirpy. I don’t like chirping either. There was once a nest of baby birds outside my kitchen window and I shot the whole group of them.

Comforted myself by watching tonight’s Gossip Girl, but even that didn’t make me feel better. I used to really admire that Blair Waldorf and even wrote to her several times asking her to join my Cheerios. I assume I never got a reply because she was overwhelmed by the honor. Unfortunately, however, she seems to have chosen to date Chuck, whose clothing is worse than that little Liberace impersonator Schuester’s added to his flock of miscreants. I can only hope that Waldorf, along with the rest of the world, comes to her senses, and fast.

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One response to “The unpublished journal of Sue Sylvester (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

  1. Wish I could say something relevant, but I haven’t had a TV in two years and I don’t know any of these people :c


    I remember you from LJ and still have a huge crush on you for making that RL mix. That is all.

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