Glee – Not-so-hot for teacher (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

willschuester-425x294When I was still in school, if I loved my teachers, I loved loved loved my teachers.  I’ve always been enamored with the whole profession of teaching, which I can trace directly back to my nerdy parents who raised me to believe that there was no higher calling in the universe than the education of youngsters.

So when we first met the character of Will Schuester (played by long-time Broadway vet Matthew Morrison) in Glee, I was convinced I would love him above and beyond anything remotely reasonable. He’s so earnestly in love with teaching and his kids! He reminded me of my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Kershenbaum, who I was deeply, completely infatuated with in that pre-hormonal way you can only be in elementary school that really boils down to devoted hero-worship. (The man made me think math was awesome! Clearly, he was a god-like figure.) Like Mr. Kershenbaum (whose name I am not changing in the off-chance hope that he finds this and knows, a decade later, that I still think he’s pretty much the man), he  could sing and play the guitar, had a slightly broken-looking nose, and extraordinarily curly hair. Unlike Mr. Kershenbaum, he sang “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” which may be one of my favorite songs of all time.

Since the first two episodes, however, my feelings on Mr. Schuester have boiled down to one big, lumpy pile of what can only be described as “meh,” because I feel like the entire glee club — or, well, the entire show — is a giant exercise  in playing into Will’s self-centeredness.

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