Barack Obama: President of the United States, professional dad (Originally for Clique Clack Television)


Being a dad is hard. Being a dad professionally for a country of millions of people, all of whom seem hell-bent upon disagreeing with each other as loudly as possible would be hard enough, but right now our country is, like, at that point where Supernanny usually comes in and makes everything better.

Unfortunately for all of us, there is no Supernanny in the world that can give North Korea a time out while setting ground rules for the economy otherwise it needs to sit in the naughty corner.

So Wednesday night, Obama set out to do his daddying. Maybe not on the best night — he had to contend with Fox’s new lineup they’d been touting (though, thankfully, he finished just in time for Glee. Well played, Mr. President!), but he went before a joint session of Congress Wednesday night to give the country a stern talking-to.

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