The Glee goes on and on (and on and on…) (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

gleepreviewWhen Cory Monteith is looking you square in the eye, talking all earnestly about how exciting the rest of this season of Glee will be, it’s kind of hard not to believe him. Hell, he could look me earnestly in the eye and tell me about that time he rode a unicorn, and I’d believe him. He’s just that great. (Honestly, if there’s anyone in the world more perfectly cast than him, I want to meet them.) So when I got my grubby little paws on the screeners of the next two episodes of Glee, hot off interviewing and meeting the cast with Keith, I was, like, 99% excited.

I only say 99% because there’s always that niggling one percent of you that listens to the naysayers. Was the pilot really not as phenomenal as I had thought it was at the time? Will my ardor have cooled in the ensuing months? Did all the ads and teasers cause me to unfairly build this show up in my head so it can never achieve the standard of perfection I now unwittingly hold it to?

But children, let me tell you, I have seen the promised land. I have watched those two episodes, and I am here to tell you that the 1% was totally right. It was not as good as I was expecting — because it was infinitely better.

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