The trials of funny girls (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

funnygirlsWhen I ask people to describe my personality for various reasons – curiosity, recommendations for a job or school, ego boosts on crappy days, et cetera – generally one of the first things that comes up is usually either “good sense of humor” or “funny”. And I like it that way. I like it better than the other most common adjective (”smart”), and way, way better than the third place adjective (”stubborn”).

For a long time, I’ve very seriously considered writing for or about TV professionally, more specifically – for comedic TV (because I hate the word “sitcom” – it implies a laugh track, and laugh tracks and I have a long-standing grudge match). I have always thought that what would hold me back from such aspirations would be either numbers (there are simply so many people who want to do what I want to do) or location (you’ll pry me away from Boston over my cold, dead body).

But as more and more jobs seem possible to do anywhere I want, so long as I have the internet, I’ve started to wonder more and more about the feasibility of this long-cherished dream of mine. I’ve started to look at the crowd of my competitors and assess how I measure up. And the thing is, while my writing  might be on par with theirs, there’s one giant thing that makes me different from this mass of hopefuls – I’m a girl.

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