Don’t blame me, blame America (and Ade) (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

evantop4sytycdDon’t think I don’t see all of you, standing around and muttering, pointing at me. “This is all your fault!” you hiss. “You Kasprzaktivists put Evan in the finale, where he didn’t belong!”

To which I say — hold on a hot second, there. First of all, I don’t vote, because I’m way too lazy to do so. Second of all, even if I voted until my fingers fell off, it wouldn’t be enough to matter, because I am very lazy and have very lazy fingers.

But what I really want to say to this is: why on earth would you think he doesn’t belong? If this was a search for America’s  best dancer, I would agree that yes, Evan does not belong. But, as the ever-magnificent Cat Deeley reminds us every week, this is a search for America’s favorite dancer. And that is why Evan is still in the running.

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