That ’70s Show – CliqueClack Flashback (Originally for Clique Clack Television)


I’ve got to be perfectly honest – when That ’70s Show was on the air, I never watched it. It wasn’t until two or three years ago that I caught some re-runs and went, “Holy crapballs, this show is freaking amazing.”

I knew about it, of course. I’ve had a massive, raging crush on Topher Grace since Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. (Topher, you could do so much better than Kate Bosworth. Can I interest you in, say, me?) When he doesn’t have his haircut that makes him look like an eight year old, he still makes my stomach do funny fluttery things. But I never felt the need to watch the show. What a dumb premise, I thought. A show about people in the ’70s? How do you pitch that to studio executives? I can just see a bunch of nervous, eager writers lining up and going, “Look, we’ve got this idea for a show about a bunch of kids in the ’70s. And we will call it… That ’70s Show.” If I was an executive, I would have laughed in their faces and kicked them out of my office.

This is why I am not an executive.

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