Mazel tov, Royal Pains (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

newpartsnewbergHere’s the thing about Royal Pains: it really shouldn’t be that great a show. The premise, as my best friend likes to remind me, is inherently flawed. Hank is drippy, holier-than-thou, and, well, my feelings on Jill are well-documented. And yet I still sort of love it, because I just find the secondary characters so gosh-darn lovable.

I honestly didn’t think I’d like any of the rich clients besides Libby and Tucker (good to see those crazy kids again, by the way), but New Parts Newberg really grew on me this episode. I find it really difficult to not like a woman who throws a Bark Mitzvah and treats her help like family. Almost as difficult, in fact, as watching Hank operate on the dog was. Rip open human bodies as much as you like, but the second you tell me a dog has a pocket of mucus and I’m covering my face and making horrified noises.

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