Jill I am (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

jillflintI do not like you, Dr. Jill
In fact, I think you are a pill.
You are so boring and so bland
If you shut up that would be grand.

Couples should make characters more endearing
But when Evan interrupted you and Hank, I felt like cheering.
And let’s not even discuss your message on Hank’s phone
That’s when your lameness was truly shown.

Since when did you become a cliche from a teen movie?
If you could not be a stereotype, that would be groovy.
Then again, Hank is really boring,
If anyone else was with him, they’d be snoring.

I don’t find your glockenspiel story cute
I thought it was stupid, and dull to boot.
I’m not saying that I want you dead,
Just could you, pretty please, stay away from Hank Med?

(Original Post)


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