When peanuts get saucy (Originally for Clique Clack Food)


It seems weird to me to think that not to long ago, there were no such things as peanuts.

I don’t mean that they didn’t exist, of course. I just mean that, until 1921 when Teddy Roosevelt made George Washington Carver’s work famous, people in America thought they were a pretty useless weed. And it took even longer for people to not only figure out they weren’t, but to make peanut stuff: peanut butter, peanut butter cookies, peanut oil, and most importantly, peanut sauce.

Now, strangely enough, peanut sauce seems to be a staple in Thai cuisine, which is confusing to me. Especially since peanuts were brought over to China in the 1600’s as a crop. This conflicts greatly with my elementary school history education, since weren’t we supposed to be mystified by this little legume’s delicious properties? So why would we bring a weed to China? And how did it then move down and become so popular in Indonesia and Thailand?

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