The Royal Pains redemption (this time, with sharks) (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

divyaI’ve got to say something for Royal Pains – they sure know how to take a note.

After my complaining last week (to which most of your replies were “so stop watching the show“), I was very nervous about this week’s episode, wondering who I could rope into reviewing this for me, et cetera, et cetera.  Thanks for making me worry for nothing, you guys, because this week … was awesome. And that, my friends, is why I keep watching shows, even when sometimes, I don’t like an episode. (That’s right! I’m allowed to not like an episode. It’s shocking, I know, that occasionally that happens.)

Despite totally stealing an episode title from House, (hello, the TB or not TB joke? It’s been made), this week was both delightful and original, sending the series in exactly the direction I’d been hoping it would go.  I guess what bothered me was the whole rich v. poor thing. It’s been done. I get it, rich people can be totally obnoxious (and how) and poor people need and are more deserving of the money. It’s all very Charles Dickens. But it is boring and one-dimension and … really? That’s the best a team of writers can come up with? Medical Robin Hood, the world’s lamest Maid Marian, and a bunch of Merry Men that are both way more interesting and tragically underused? No, thank you.

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