The royal pains of Royal Pains (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

royalpainsep3Something that never fails to annoy me is entitled, rich, snobby people. People who drop millions for their own selfish gain and don’t spare a second thought for what that could mean for anyone else. These sorts of people tend to be paired with another characteristic that drives me batty: senseless ambition, especially projected on to one’s spawn. I mean, these are universally annoying traits, but they annoy me so much more than, say, when people chew with their mouth open or bite their nails.

I suppose given that I find these all hugely irritating,  I should probably quit watching Royal Pains or at least not discuss this episode since it boils down to “rage rage rage,” but I’ll take a stab at it anyways. Hah. Stab.

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