Sesame Street turns 40 – Part 3: Star power

sesamestreet3As I’ve mentioned before, Sesame Street is everywhere on television and in pop culture (Scrubs, The West Wing, Angel… need I go on?) but it’s pretty safe to say that Sesame Street is just as hip and relevant as the shows that allude to it are. After all, what other program that isn’t news can boast to hosting not one, but two different first ladies? Not only did Michelle Obama recently have a very publicized appearance talking about healthy eating and exercise habits, but Barbara Bush also appeared in the ’80s to promote literacy.

And neither of them are alone. Going through old Sesame Street episodes is like trawling a who’s who of famous people. Musicians, actors, and athletes have all showed up on Sesame Street for various reasons, most of them delightfully goofy and entirely undignified. Frankly, it sort of makes me wish I was famous enough to be on Sesame Street. Not that I have a goal or reason for why I want to be famous, it’s just on my bucket list: “Become famous enough to be on Sesame Street,” right under “become famous enough to be a crossword puzzle clue.” (Again, how will I become famous? Who knows/cares? The important part is that I will be on Sesame Street.)

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