Royal Pains doesn’t hurt a bit (but you may feel a slight pinch) (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

royalpainsep2I don’t know about you, but for me, when it’s time for summer TV,  I need a bit of a break from the heavy fare of regular network programming. Emotional intrigue and deliciously complex plots are all well and good when it’s really cold and your brain needs to keep working in order to not freeze, kind of like a car motor, but by the time it’s summer and my synapses are in danger of overheating, I need something with bright, pretty colors that is refreshing and breezy and easy on my vacationing noggin.

Usually Psych does an exceedingly admirable job, but cruelly, USA is withholding that particular tidbit of pineapple-flavored television ridiculousness. And while I feel it is my sovereign duty to dislike Royal Pains on account of it being what USA is trying to distract me with, I’ve kind of been excited about it ever since I saw the ad. It has that dude from Good Morning Miami! It’s a fun premise! There are bright, pretty colors! I’m shallow and easily distracted!

And I must say, while Royal Pains is certainly no Psych (because Burton Guster holds a place in my heart that is irreplaceable), especially after this last episode, it’s growing on me, like a fungus of delicious medical dramedy.

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