The White House gets crunk up in this joint (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

insidewhitehouseAnyone who knows me knows that I am a massive political dork.  In fact, I am such a political dork I have a blog using my dorkitude to explain politics to people that don’t share my — well, let’s just call it “passion.” Most people, for instance, upon being told that that Brian Williams (who timeshares being my favorite non-fake news anchor with Rachel Maddow) would be hosting a two hour special about life in the Obama White House would have, like the rest of my family, rolled their eyes and turned to the baseball game. And I? I set my DVR and eagerly awaited until no one was around to make fun of how excited I got while I watched it.

What I had hoped for is what every political nerd hopes for — a re-enactment of The West Wing that has the side benefit of being entirely real. I wanted to jump to meetings and perhaps see Rahm Emanuel cut a bitch. I wanted to watch meetings and see the process of how people worked while simultaneously ogling my two favorite White House hotties, Reggie Love and Jon Favreau. (Hey, either of you — I’m single and would be totally okay with your long hours. Call me?)

What I got was slightly different.

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