The Pushing Daisies swan song begins (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

pushingdaisiesOh, Pushing Daisies (or PDubs, as I like to refer to you privately where no one can make fun of me), I missed you. I missed you so very much. I missed your colors, I missed your beauteous cinematography (or is it telematography in this case?). I even missed your terribly wonderful puns (the “Rock Me Almond Date Quince” was possibly the most genius thing I have ever heard). It almost hurts me how good you are, because I know, soon, we shall be parted forever, and I shall never gaze upon you and your amazing costumes ever again.

How am I going to survive without my regularly scheduled allotment of Lee Pace making my heart go pitter-pat? How will I go on without Chuck teaching me how to dress? Where else can I turn to for Emerson Cod and his Itty Bitty? Can I continue without Vivian and Lily to make my heart break and yet grow from joy every week? And has there ever been an animal sidekick I have loved more than I love Digby (and Pigby)? Without you I fear my heart will wither into a blackened, moldy crisp, much like one of Ned’s fruits.

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