Stewart and Oliver lie back, think of England (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

scamalotMaybe it’s because I have British friends so this becomes ten times more hilarious, maybe it’s because I’m enchanted by John Oliver’s dimples, or maybe it’s just that I find it so gosh-darn adorable when other countries try to have scandals, but I thought that last night’s second segment on the Daily Show was beyond fabulous.

This is not to say I don’t usually pee my pants laughing over Jon Stewart, because I do.  But I’ve found that the more I get involved in politics and understanding on a “why yes I do watch White House press briefings sometimes, stop laughing at me” sort of way that the oversimplifications that used to not bother me are now starting to rankle.

Both of my siblings and my best friend would really, really like it if I could stop laughing and then turning to them and going “okay, that was funny, but let me explain to you all the ways in which Jon oversimplified the matter and how in fact this falls in murky waters so far as checks and balances go…” And I would like it to. But alas, those days are gone. My inner politics geek has reared it’s ugly, egg-shaped head, and I cannot go back to my dreamy innocence.

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