The Office goes for broke with its characters (Originally for Clique Clack Television

michaelscott-150x150If I had to choose to marry one person on television, I, like millions of women everywhere, would choose Jim Halpert. But he’s been disappointing me for a while now. Have some vision, Jim! Have some ambition! Some spine!

So this episode didn’t exactly address those concerns, but at the very least, I fell back in love with Jim again, and it feels so good. After last week, we were kind of in a snit. How dare you trick Andy so cruelly, Halpert? But oh, this week. How can I  not love a guy who wakes up at butt-o’clock in the morning to kiss his fiance goodbye in his adorable pajama pants, and then saves her company later in the same day? That’s a man. Take notes, everyone.

Another character I absolutely fell in love with all over again was Michael. I’ve written before about the issue with finding Michael endearing, but this week, thanks to the masterful direction by Steve Carell, I’m finding it just too easy. No one seems to understand how to balance the incompetence with childlike wisdom that Michael uniquely possesses better than the man who portrays him. I wish the writers would take notice of him more often, because that man? He’s a genius.

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