Bringing up baby: How to make Parks and Recreation great (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

parksandrecI don’t know if you cowboys have heard, but there’s a new show in town, goes by the name of Parks and Recreation. Stars that blond chick from Saturday Night Live? Yeah, that’s the one.

Here at fictional CliqueClack headquarters, the job/responsibility/privilege of who’s going to write up this show has been going around like a hot potato or a really technologically advanced version of the Nose Game (which, I would like to add, still solves a great number of disputes in my household). But as the newbie around here, I’ve decided to step up and not touch my e-nose. Hold on to that hot potato. Burn my metaphorical hands a little.

Another awesome writer of ours, Aryeh, wrote up a great open letter on why the Michael Scott Paper Company should have been the new spin-off. Sadly for Aryeh, this week has shown us why, exactly, such a dream is impossible (though I won’t spoil anyone waiting to read our inevitably mind-blowing review of this week’s episode). In this post, Aryeh makes a great point that he completely didn’t mean to make, but is true — Parks and Recreation is suffering from what I like to call “younger sibling syndrome.”

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