15 most kickass women on television (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

buffy_face4-150x150Is anyone else sick of this Twilight phenomenon? Because I am. God, I am. In case you haven’t heard, Twilight is the epic love story of Bella (a human) and Edward (a vampire), full of enough thwarted, passionate romance and heartfelt-yet-ridiculous declarations of adoration to make any tweeny girl sigh.

And while I have never been a fan of the whole cliched vampire/human pairing, this takes my dislike to whole new levels, and I will tell you why — it hurts every notion I have ever held dear about heroines. Bella, as far as a heroine goes, is pretty lame. She’s flat, drab, and completely helpless without her boyfriend, who follows her around everywhere and (creepy spoiler alert!) watches her while she sleeps.

If it was just romance-starved teenaged girls lapping this up, maybe it wouldn’t sit so wrong with me. But it’s not — women (and men) of all ages seem to be obsessed. Recently a friend of my sister’s, whom I have always regarded as sensible, intelligent, and absolutely above this nonsense, called to rave about how much she loved the books and how fabulous they were; how romantic.

I read the other day that President-Elect Obama, a man I normally have great respect for, was reading the books to his daughters, Sasha and Malia. As far as I’m concerned, this widespread Twilight-mania is a serious issue. What is this teaching us, as women? That it’s okay to be blah, morose, helpless human beings? That we are nothing until some icy-cold Prince not-so Charming comes along and borderline stalks us? I’m not buying it.

My solution, as always, lies in television. Forget Bella, I say. Instead, turn on your television and watch my top fifteen inspiring female characters.

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